Battle Chess and Battle Chess 4000 Free Download
Battle Chess Free Download

Battle Chess and Battle Chess 4000

Get Chessmaster 11th Edition with Animated Chess Pieces!

Wow! Chessmaster 11th Edition comes with more than 30 full 3D chess sets, including the first animated chess sets in a Chessmaster PC game, and the option to view all the 3D sets in enhanced 3D using glasses with red/cyan lenses.

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Please note: We neither sell nor support BattleChess. This software is an old DOS based program and will not work on some of the latest Windows operating systems.

Now with Battle Chess and Battle Chess 4000 you can experience the mortal combat thrill of chess more intensely than you ever imagined! Through the modern magic of free demo download of software programs, you'll be blown away by bone-crushing battle sound effects. 3D animation and stereo voices that bring your battle chess pieces to life. You can even listen to medieval mood music while you ponder your battle chess strategy. Battle Chess has taken the game of chess off the chessboard and into the barbaric fields of war!

Battle Chess Features:

* Witness in Battle Chess brutal executions in breathtaking animation as your game pieces triumphantly claim new checkered territories.

* By decree of the queen, in Battle Chess learning shall be mirthful. Your chess pieces will guide you through the game's mysteries in a most merry tutorial.

* Play against the computer or a human opponent in Battle Chess, or let the computer play itself. Modem capability lets you challenge opponents in far-off lands.

* You get ten levels of will challenge in Battle Chess, the most gallant gaming knights to the meekest gaming knaves.

Battle Chess

Play chess as you have never played it before. Gruesome 3D animation and bone-crushing sound effects bring the game to life. Play against the computer or another person, or simply let the computer play against itself.

Battle Chess Free Download

Battle Chess 4000

One of the most advanced chess programs ever developed. It features vivid 3D animation and great sound effects. Play against the computer or another person, or simply let the computer play against itself.

Battle Chess 4000 Free Download

Both Battle Chess software program demos work with Windows 95, 98, Me, or  2000. Doesn't seem compatible with XP or Vista. You might try a program called DosBox to emulate the operating system so it can run on XP.

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