Garry Kasparov vs. Fritz
Garry Kasparov takes on X3D Fritz in virtual reality, the chessboard floating between them.

Kasparov vs. X3D Fritz

Magic Over Chess Table
by Taly Rivera
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Garry Kasparov, the world's highest rated chess player (2830), takes on X3D Fritz (2807) in total virtual reality, with the chessboard floating in the air between man and computer. Kasparov will neither touch nor move the pieces as the voice activated X3D Fritz works its magic to create the ultimate 3D experience. Spectators will be treated to the latest in cutting edge technology as they watch the entire virtual reality experience on the X3D Displays.

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Kasparov vs X3D Fritz

Match Final Score:
2 - 2

The New York City Athletic Club. 180 Central Park South, New York City, USA.

Kasparov vs. X3D Fritz - The Setting

A chess match of four games between Garry Kasparov and X3D Fritz for the title of Man-Machine World Chess Champion. The games will take place in X3D virtual reality with the board floating in the air in front of Kasparov. His moves will be received by X3D Fritz via voice recognition and will appear instantly on the display screens.

Time control: In each game the players each have two hours to make 40 moves. After move 40 each player receives one more hour for the next 20 moves. After move 60 each player gets another 15 minutes plus a three second increment per move to complete all the remaining moves of the game.

Wins are one point, draws a half point, losses zero. The first player to reach 2.5 points is the winner of the match.

"There will be no board and no chess pieces in the room. Garry will see the position only on a computer monitor. But since he will be wearing X3D glasses the image appears completely realistic, like a real chessboard floating in the air in front of him. He can change the angle of view or zoom in and out with the help of a joystick.

Garry will not have a keyboard or a mouse either. He will speak his moves to the computer, which is equipped with voice recognition. Of course there will be a human operator in the room to make sure that the computer recognizes the champion's commands correctly." Frederic Friedel, Founder of ChessBase.

The match has been sanctioned by the International Computer Games Association (ICGA) and the United States Chess Federation (USCF) as the First Official World Chess Championship Man vs Machine played in total virtual reality.

Kasparov vs X3D Fritz  - The Players

Garry Kasparov is and has been the world's number one chess player for an incredible 19 consecutive years. On November 9, 1985 Garry became the youngest ever World Chess Champion when he beat Anatoly Karpov. In January of 1990, Kasparov created two milestones in chess history. First, he moved past Bobby Fischer's best ever rating of 2785 and then broke the magical 2800 sound barrier. He was the first player in Chess history to do so. At that time, it was the chess equivalent of breaking the four-minute mile. In 1999, after winning the three major events of that year, he created a unique new milestone by topping the 2850 ELO ratings mark. From December 1981 to February 1991, Kasparov made chess history by winning every single event for nearly ten years. He remains the undisputed "King of Chess".

X3D Fritz is the marriage of the most dominant computer chess software with the most powerful 3D software. X3D Fritz has ruled the virtual chess world since inception in 1991, accumulating more victories than any other professional chess software program in history. X3D Fritz can list among its victims chess goliaths like IBM Deep Blue, GM Polgar, GM Kortchnoi, GM Adams and Deep Junior before leveling 4-4 with then current World Champion Vladimir Kramnik achieving a rating performance of over 2800.

The program has become much stronger and will punish even the tiniest of errors ruthlessly. Garry knows this and will find out during his preparation how dangerous the program has become.

The announcers will be ESPN sports anchor Jeremy Schapp, GM Yasser Seirawan, and writer Paul Hoffman. There will also be guest commentators each day. ESPN coverage will likely also include radio and web postgame updates.

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