Learn to Play Chess
Learn to Play Chess for Chess Beginners and Kids

Learn to Play Chess
Learn to Play Chess for Chess Beginners and Kids

Learn How to Play Chess

To get started at the game of chess you will need to know the rules of chess and the terms associated with chess. Once you are comfortable with them, it is time to learn some chess principles, chess strategy and chess tips - so you can start winning! Lastly, to improve rapidly you must put in some study time. We have put together several articles to get you on the road to understanding the Royal Game of chess.

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Learn to Play chess from Books
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Learn to Play Chess from Books

A Beginner's Guide to Chess Rules
ChessCentral is where you can learn the rules of chess. The rules for chess are not hard. You will find all the chess rules here so that you can begin to play the game! This is from is taken from World Champion Lasker's Manual of Chess.

Chess Terms and Definitions
Presented in alphabetical order, you will find all the chess terms and their definitions.

Chess Notation
Learn how to read and keep score with Algebraic Chess Notation.

Chess Game Principles
Chess game principles will help you develop a winning chess game. Every day a new chess game principle will be given as well as the chess game principles that follow. Print them out! Keep these chess game principles by your side as you play chess. You will quickly improve your chess game by taking these chess game principles to heart.

Chess Opening Strategy for Beginners
Taken from the classic Chess Step by Step written by Frank Marshall. Here is the guide you have been looking for. Marshall teaches you in plain English what you need to know to make the winning moves in chess.

Play Chess - Tips for Winning Chess Strategy
Learn from the best! International Grandmaster Arthur Bisguier shows you how to play chess and gives you tips to lead you to chess success.

How to Play Chess Videos
ChessCentral presents beginner chess videos on how to play chess. This fourteen-part series of short videos, narrated by noted chess software writer and video producer Steve Lopez, will teach you how the chess pieces move, as well as describe several special moves of which some pieces are capable. You'll also learn the difference between "check" and "checkmate", plus the various ways in which a game of chess can become a draw (with neither player winning). While these videos won't make you a grandmaster, they will make your first steps into the exciting and challenging world of chess much easier.

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