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  Think Like a King Family Package
Think Like a King Family Package


Think Like a King Chess Training
Family Package

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Think Like a King Family Package

Our best value for families! One CD contains a complete chess library for everyone to share, with First Lessons in Chess© and all six Chess Workouts©

Tactical Thinking
Checkmate Thinking
Endgame Thinking
Opening Thinking
More Tactical Thinking
More Checkmate Thinking

Ideal for families with several chess players at different levels from novice to skilled.

First Lessons in Chess

First Lessons© is our basic tutorial for novices, whether young or old. Covering all the basic rules and moves, chess notation, opening strategy, tactics and common endgame scenarios, this introduction to the unique Think Like A King® series is the perfect starting point for those new to chess, from grade 3 to adult. Dozens of animations, challenges and 165 interactive chess puzzles make learning a snap.

Chess Workouts

Tactical Thinking
Introduce the basic tactical concepts with an interactive book designed to get players to recognize strategic and tactical opportunities. From pins to forks and skewers, undermining to overworking, discovering to trapping, basic tactical thinking is clearly defined and demonstrated via interactive puzzles. Simple text explanations and minimal reliance on chess notation make it a perfect learning tool for early students. Over 300 one-step puzzles cement basic knowledge via practice around important themes.

Checkmate Thinking
Apply the tactical thinking lessons learned above to the ultimate goal - gaining checkmate! Over 200 interactive checkmate problems for early players that illustrate basic chess thinking principles and let players learn for themselves how to apply tactical thinking to real-life scenarios. This book emphasizes checkmate through pattern recognition, teaching early players how to gain mate by executing basic attack plans with various combinations of pieces.

Endgame Thinking
It may all come down to this, and here's where beginners have the most trouble. A course on tactics at the end of the game, where clear thinking and careful play are of the utmost importance as players seek to preserve an advantage or overcome a deficit. Learn the tactics of pawn promotion and the rules that let you create a winning position - or prevent your opponent from gaining one! Square of the Pawn, Key Squares, Key Positions, Outflanking, Triangulation, Blocked Pawns, Rook Endings, and Shouldering are just some of the many critical endgame topics covered through in-depth lessons and interactive exercises. This is a thorough and fascinating book, for players who have mastered the basics of Volumes 1 and 2. Recommended for fourth grade and up.

Opening Thinking
The same interactive format as the titles above, exploring how to think from the very beginning of the game. Covering the common openings and variants, with traps, zaps and more. Opening play is taught not by memorizing endless series of moves and positions, but via lessons and interactive positions that emphasize our Eleven Opening Principles. From "Control the Center" to "King Safety", "Advance with Threat" to "Respond to all Threats" (and many more!), it's knowing the ideas behind the moves that teach players what the best moves are! Like Volume 3, this is an extremely in-depth book aimed at players who have mastered Volumes 1 and 2. Recommended for fourth grade and up.

More Tactical Thinking
Internationally acclaimed player, coach and teacher Grandmaster Miron Sher joins David MacEnulty as coauthor of our second volume on Tactics and Strategy. Here we pick up where Volume 1, Tactical Thinking©, left off, as we examine the use of all the important chess tactics in much more complex positions. More Tactical Thinking© aims at intermediate players, as we show them how to launch attacks over several moves and gain material or positional advantage via the use of various tactical ploys. Over 300 puzzles with solutions in two or more moves, this is for intermediate level scholastic players.

More Checkmate Thinking
Internationally acclaimed player, coach and teacher Grandmaster Miron Sher joins David MacEnulty as coauthor of our second volume on Checkmate strategy. This picks up where Volume 2, Checkmate Thinking, left off. Using the same techniques of checkmate pattern recognition and attacks organized by piece combinations, players learn to recognize and execute their checkmate opportunities in more difficult situations. Over 300 mate in two, three or more move positions are used to teach intermediate players how to create, launch and execute checkmate attacks.

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