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  • 4 Classic Chess Tournament Books

4 Classic Chess Tournament Books

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4 Classic Chess Tournament Books

Get 4 new classic tournament books for the amazing low price of $39.95 and free PriorityMail shipping in the USA.

  • Hastings 1895 by Cheshire (E-book for Download )
  • London 1922 by Maroczy
  • New Your 1927 by Alekhine
  • Nottingham 1936 by Alekhine

Hastings 1895 Grand International Tournament
The Hastings 1895 chess tournament has always been remembered with astonishment and wonder. There was never anything like it - this "Grand International Chess Congress" showcased the strongest masters ever to gather in one place. The competition yielded games of extraordinary beauty, games that elevate chess into the realms of art. Then the spectacular last round finish, with all prizes held in suspense, witnessed the almost unknown American Pillsbury triumphant over his famous opposition. Indeed, Hastings 1895 might have become simply the greatest chess tournament in history, except for one thing: the Book of the Tournament transformed it into legend. Read More

London 1955 International Chess Tournament
José Capablanca was the superstar of chess in 1922 and London was his first serious chess in the 15 months since he had won the championship title from Emanuel Lasker. "Capa" was the chess player whom even non-players could identify. But the tournament signified not only Capa's return to the game, it was also something of a revival of international chess after four years of war and four more of recovery. The new world champion would ease into first place undefeated ahead of future world champion Alexander Alekhine. Read More

New York 1927 Chess Tournament
This is unlike any other tournament book ever written. Not only do you have one of the greatest annotators of all time rendering some brilliant analysis, but he melds it with an exceptional agenda, an anti-Capablanca agenda. And since he wrote it after defeating Capablanca in their marathon match, he sounds like a sore loser who became a sore winner. Read More

Nottingham 1936 International Chess Tornament
The great international chess tournament at Nottingham, 1936 has taken its place next to other legendary tournaments such as St. Petersburg 1909, London 1922 and New York 1924. It set a record by featuring, for the first time, four men who had held the world championship title – José Capablanca, Alexander Alekhine, Max Euwe (the then reigning champion) and Emanuel Lasker. The champions were expected to be challenged if not surpassed at Nottingham by four young candidates, Sam Reshevsky, Reuben Fine, Salo Flohr and, in only his second trip to a foreign tournament, Mikhail Botvinnik, who turned 25 mid-tournament. Read More





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