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  • Alekhine Defense Playbook CD

Alekhine Defense Playbook CD

Brand: ChessCentral

Alekhine Defense Playbook

Animate your new Playbook with Tim Sawyer's jumbo companion CD! The author has assembled the largest 1.e4 Nf6 game collection offered anywhere, with over 62,775 examples of the Alekhine Defense in action. This giant database comes in ChessBase format (cbh/cbf) with a specialized opening key that features over 900 classification positions. Owners of BookUp or Chess Assistant will find a massive PGN file for easy conversion, while freeware users can enjoy the same games in a collection of 6 smaller PGN databases. Also included is a Tree (ctg) database for Fritz5 or higher, an opening book that makes Fritz an instant expert on the Alekhine Defense! Loaded with extras, the Playbook CD has the latest games (and oldest too!), plus thousands of corrected names, dates, events and scores - it's all here. Whether you play 1.e4 as White or answer 1...Nf6 as Black, you need to get the Alekhine Defense Playbook CD before he does! Don't wait, order today.
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