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  • Beating the Sicilian: A Grandmaster's Repertoire, Vol. 1 - Chess Opening Software

Beating the Sicilian: A Grandmaster's Repertoire, Vol. 1 - Chess Opening Software on DVD

Brand: ChessBase

Viktor Bologan: Beating the Sicilian
A Grandmaster's Repertoire, Vol. 1

Among the dozens of chess openings played nowadays the Sicilian Defense remains the most fascinating, entertaining and complex opening. Here White understands that Black will not be a patient lamb but will counterattack and try to get at him at the very first opportunity. For those who are ready to take on the challenge and plunge into the wonderful world of combinations, attacks and counter-combinations, for those who really love chess - this DVD is designed for you.

In the first volume of the Open Sicilian for White, GM Bologan presents all White reactions to 2...Nc6. This includes the Sveshnikov/Cheliabinsk Variation, the Rauzer Attack, the Maroczy Bind and a few other minor side lines. The approach is typical for Bologan's chess DVDs, as he tries to describe in a compact format plans and reactions from White's point of view. With the help of this instruction one can forget about fears concerning the tons of chess theory in the Open Sicilian and can get straight into the real fight!

Video running time: 6 hours!
Viktor Bologan is a pupil of the top Moldavan trainer Vecheslav Chebanenko. For many years Bologan has been the number 1 in Moldava and has represented his country in eight chess Olympiads. His greatest successes were in 2003, when he first of all won the Aeroflot Open and then the famous Dortmund Tournament, ahead of Kramnik and Anand. The Moldovan has extensive experience as a trainer and has also published his first books.

System requirements: Pentium-Processor at 300 Mhz or higher, 64 MB RAM, Windows XP/Vista/Windows7, DVD drive, mouse, soundcard.

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