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Selecting chess pieces can be a very personal matter. Therefore, DGT offers a variety of fine handmade chess sets for use on the electronic DGT boards. Now choose from many different types of handmade chess pieces, real wooden electronic sets that can be used on any existing DGT e-Board and Revelation II chess board. All sets are produced as regular electronic DGT chess pieces, as well as specially weighted versions. All DGT chess pieces sets are supplied with four Queens, two for each color.

Placing metal weights in the handcrafted pieces is impossible as it interferes with the frequencies but a solution was found using a very special compound material that significantly increases the weight of regular electronic DGT sets. Many players prefer a slightly heavier feel of a piece when they make a move. Traditional DGT sets Timeless, Classic, Royal and Ebony as well as the official FIDE set, are now available both as regular electronic sets and as weighted electronic sets. The list below gives an indication of the set weights. Stated weights are for indication only and may vary from set to set.


DGT Electronic Pieces Unweighted Pieces in Ounces Weighted Pieces in Ounces
Ebony 26.8 34.5
Classic 25.7 33.8
Royal 27.5 35.9
Timeless 23.2 32.5
FIDE 27.8 36.3