Carpathian Collection

Carpathian Chess Set Collection
Chess Pieces, Board and Storage
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High in the mystic Carpathian Mountains of Europe, home of the Dragon and the vampire myth, there live artisans that draw deep from a wellspring of history dating back centuries, honoring the finest traditions in wood carving.

ChessCentral is proud to offer the Carpathian Collection. These unique and handsomely designed chess pieces are made of Hornbeam and Sycamore, both woods that are found in the forests of Europe. Hornbeam (sometimes known as Ironwood) is mostly white and used for intricate and decorative carvings. Sycamore offers a dark brown, smooth textured wood, perfect for the dark pieces. These woods coupled with the craftsmanship of the Carpathian artisans make for some of the finest moderately priced chess sets available in the marketplace today.