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Chess Sets: School, Club and Tournament
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Shopping for a great value in chess sets? Then you've seen the bewildering choices, and know that after you've selected the right chess pieces you still have to find a board that matches, and maybe a tote bag too! No more - that's all taken care of with ChessCentral's new Value Collection, an assortment of expertly selected tournament ready chess pieces and matching boards in popular colors, all at most affordable prices. Here you'll find complete one-stop chess packages sure to please!

ChessCentral stands behind the quality of our Value Collection: the Staunton design chess pieces are made of impact resistant plastic, the rugged chess boards are tear resistant, and some chess sets even have a storage bag for your new chess set. Every chess set in ChessCentral's Value Collection meets all tournament standards, and even comes with a free piece replacement policy - lose a chess piece we replace it for only a minimal shipping charge. You simply can't go wrong! Just another reason to shop with confidence at ChessCentral.