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  • Chess Endgames 4 Strategical Endgames DVD

Chess Endgames 4 Strategical Endgames DVD

Brand: ChessBase

Chess Endgames 4 Strategical Endgames

The fourth volume of the endgame series features a lot of themes with more material, such as rook and minor piece versus rook (and minor piece), rook versus two minor pieces, double rook endings, queen and knight versus queen and bishop, the bishop pair and other endgame principles.

Typical topics are:
    The so-called "Fischer endgame" - rook and bishop versus rook and knight. This ending occurs quite frequently in practical play and is often favorable for the rook and bishop tandem.
    Opposite colored bishops with a rook on each side. The presence of one rook for each side greatly increases the winning chances of the attacker compared to the pure opposite colored bishop endgame (see the first DVD in this series)
    Queen and knight versus queen and bishop. The question of how to tell which side has the advantage is addressed.
    Drawing methods in the pawnless endgames. For example, rook and bishop versus rook, an endgame that often ends decisively.

Those who have always found studying endgames with chess textbooks too dry and tedious will enjoy this DVD with its comfortable training system and benefit enormously - in brilliant endgames at the actual board. Complete video running time: approx. 6 hours.

System requirements: Pentium-Processor at 300 Mhz or higher, 64 MB RAM, Windows 98 SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Windows7, Windows Media Player 9.0, DVD drive

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