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  • Chess Endgames 8: Practical Rook Endings

Chess Endgames 8: Practical Rook Endings

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Chess Endgames 8:
Practical Rook Endings

Among all chess endgames Rook endings are the most frequently encountered. And it is precisely this area of chess that effort put into training is quickly repaid in the form of half and full points - because the knowledge of even a few rules of thumb and methods makes life a great deal easier and provides a guiding light even in complex positions.

The second DVD in Karsten MÌ?ller's series on the endgame was concerned with theoretical Rook endings and was structured according to the distribution of material, but this DVD focuses on the themes which are to be found in Rook endings. This course also starts with the endgame of Rook against pawn because this particular constellation frequently occurs and can be understood and easily learned with the knowledge of a few techniques such as the body check, intermediate check and the cutting off of the King. When looking at equally common but complex Rook endings, emphasis is placed on basic techniques (e.g. the umbrella) and rules of thumb (such as "Rooks belong behind passed pawns"). But Karsten MÌ?ller also wants to help you with the training of your intuition. After all, the real art of the royal game can best be seen in the recognition of exceptions to the rules.

Video running time: 3 h 41 min.

Since 1988 Grandmaster Dr. Karsten Mueller from Hamburg plays for the Hamburger Schachklub in the Bundesliga and in 1996 and 1997 he finished third in the German Championship. As an internationally renowned endgame expert he is the author of the endgame column in the ChessBase magazine.

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