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  • Chess for Beginners E-books

Chess for Beginners E-books

Brand: ChessCentral

Chess for Beginners E-books

The Ultimate Chess Experience!

Get 4 E-Books

Here is your chance to own the 4 e-books that will get you started and improve your your chess playing skills.Now in the latest ChessBase format and are fully interactive! Just look at the titles included on this feature-packed CD:

Play Chess - Have Fun!
Are you ready to begin a lifetime of adventure in chess? Here is your chance to quickly learn the movements of each chess piece, along with the complete rules of our "royal game". But that's only the beginning! Next you'll want to conquer that first opponent, and Play Chess - Have Fun! will show you how. Play Chess - Have Fun! goes on to fill the gap between knowing how the chess pieces move (the basic rules) and knowing what to do next. This e-book will be a BIG help in quickly and easily absorbing the logic and principles of good chess play.

Chess Openings for Beginners
Today there are a number of general opening manuals available, like the Encyclopedia of Chess Openings, or Modern Chess Openings, or Batsford Chess Openings and so forth. Editions are updated regularly with the latest chess theory, and each one attempts with varying success to cover all the main openings in chess. Today's "complete" openings guide is massively thick (ECO above runs to 5 volumes), and aims to offer topical tournament preparation for the practical tournament player. In other words, lots of technical information and much of it reduced to abstract chess notation, critical marks and evaluation symbols.


Chess Lessons for Beginners
This electronic version of Chess Lessons for Beginners is based on the 23rd edition of that title! A few minutes looking at the contents will account for such appeal, and there is obviously a need for instruction of this caliber today. Not many books aim their remarks at players in, say, the 1300‰ÛÔ1500 rating range, especially observations seasoned with the chess wisdom and sound counsel found here. Because of this volume's clear and pointed explanations, even stronger players will derive benefit from the repetition of common sense chess principles.


Chess Endings for Beginners
This ingenious ebook contains the endgame knowledge that every chess player must have at his fingertips. Each of these 124 practical endings are the building blocks of winning chess, the foundation for any understanding of this vital phase of the game. If you're a true beginner at chess, this ebook is a great place to start; if you're an experienced competitor, don't worry - few experts will know these important positions like they should! Regardless of rank, before long every example in this e-book will seem like an old friend, and you will be able to demonstrate the correct line of play without hesitation. A little study, a little practice (and a lot of fun!) will soon be rewarded by points on your rating.

The ChessBase Reader is included. No other software is required.

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