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  • Carreaux Chess Set - Chess Pieces and Matching Chess Board WW-D-S-37SI-EBM
  • Carreaux Chess Set - Chess Pieces and Matching Chess Board  chess pieces

Chess Set: Carreaux - Chess Pieces and Matching Chess Board

Brand: WorldWise

Golden Carreaux Chess Set

This Carreaux chess set is a rich combination of Golden Rosewood, known for its vibrant hues and sheen, and a vivacious dark Ebony wood known for its fine grain and striking depth of color. Ebony is the only wood known to achieve such a dark black natural color without any artificial stains or treatments. Its fine grain gives the wood a smooth but dense feel, as well as prevents chipping and cracking. The Golden Rosewood is both beautiful and strong in nature, as it has traditionally been used to construct furniture, making it full of structural integrity as well as aesthetically pleasing.
Each chess piece is double weighted to prevent tipping, and lacquered with a glossy finish to both protect and seal the wood, as well as emphasize its brilliant sheen. The pieces are padded with leather to insure a secure grip to the board without damaging the fine construction or the bases of the chessmen. This set strikes a cool and flashy feel for those who want to catch an eye and wow the competition.

Pieces: Inlaid Golden Rosewood/Ebony Gloss
King height: 3.75"
King diameter (at base): 1.6"
Double Weighted

Board: Ebony/Birdseye Maple Brd
Dimensions: 17.75" x 17.75"
Square size: 1.75"


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