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Chess Sets

Chess Sets: FREE Shipping on all in the USA

Everyone loves free shipping! At ChessCentral we make your dollar go further by offering free shipping (by USPS, UPS or FEDEX depending on the best courier service available) on all our chess sets, pieces and boards - good for the entire USA! Most shipments are sent within 24-48 hours (business days). You not only get free shipping, but fast delivery and tracking on your purchase.

School & Club Value Chess Set Collection

School & Club Value Chess Set Collection
ChessCentral's new Value Collection, an assortment of expertly selected tournament ready chess pieces and matching boards in popular colors, all at affordable prices. Here you'll find complete one-stop chess packages sure to please!

Carpathian Chess Set Collection Carpathian Chess Set Collection
ChessCentral is proud to offer the Carpathian Collection. These unique and handsomely designed chess pieces are made of woods found in the forests of Europe. These select woods meet artisan craftsmanship to become the finest moderately priced chess sets available in the marketplace today.
Wood Chess Sets Wood Chess Sets
ChessCentral's online chess shop offers a variety of chess sets made from finely crafted woods. We carry chess sets in rich black Ebony, stunning dark Rosewood, lustrous Golden Rosewood, exquisite Red Sandalwood and chess sets made from many other fine woods. We have matched the wood chess pieces with wooden chess boards for your convenience, but most chess pieces and chess boards can be purchased separately if you favor a different look. Each of our wood chess sets are of the highest workmanship and quality. You will truly enjoy the look and feel of playing chess on a wooden chess set.
Unique Themed Chess Sets Themed Chess Sets
ere we have gathered the themed chess sets, each designed around a special theme. You can choose the historic Isle of Lewis, or the popular Star Trek chess set. Each of our themed chess sets are beautifully designed with close attention to detail, and are made for durability. Covering many fantasy and historical subjects, any chess enthusiast will find something of interest here. Keep an eye on this themed chess section, as we will be adding more finely crafted sets to fire your imagination!
Travel & Tournament Sets Travel & Tournament Sets
The finest and most affordable travel and tournament chess sets - including the chess pieces, chess boards. Here you can also find excellent travel chess sets, for play or analysis anywhere. So if you need a compact chess set for the office or a car trip, or a complete tournament chess set, you will find a practical and attractive solution here.
Electronic Chess Sets Electronic Chess Computers
With the DGT e-Board you can play online at Internet chess sites like PlayChess,, Chess 21 and ICC. The ingenious e-Board with individual piece recognition acts as input device for all major playing programs and chess engines. The e-Board can be used to register and record your games. Games can be published live on screens for presentation or training sessions and can be presented to a worldwide audience through live broadcasting via the internet.

High quality chess sets, from the chess set experts. Whether you'd like a durable plastic chess set, tournament set, wooden chess set, themed set or premium set - we have a complete selection at ChessCentral. And if you're not sure what chess set is right for you, we can help you select the perfect board and pieces - just send a note to with the answers to some easy questions:

1) Price range
2) Material (Plastic, Wood, Brass, Marble, Alabaster, Ceramic)
3) Intended Use (Everyday play, Decorative, Family Heirloom, Collectible)
4) Theme or Style (Staunton, Antique, Historical, Kid's Theme)

Our advisor will answer promptly and is always happy to help.

You can also see our Chess Set Guide found here.