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Chess Tips and Tutorials

ChessCentral continues to bring depth and variety to its online chess articles and game collections, and will expand this page regularly with high quality chess games for your enjoyment. Chess articles (mini chess e-books actually!), teaching material, little known chess matches, repertoire files, chess downloads and more will be found here - all free.

Need help with your chess product? Check out our FAQ page, where many of your chess questions are answered. Another valuable resource is ChessCentral's forum, the Chess Exchange, a resource of articles on chess topics along with commentary and chess talk every subject. ChessCentral also makes available discounted chess equipment for clubs or schools, and wholesale chess supplies for school chess programs. These pages contain additional free chess tips for coaches and teachers, for use with small groups of chess students. And if you wish to see our expanded collection, join our Free Member's Area where you will find information on the game of chess, enough to feed any chess passion!

Chess Software Information

By now you know that ChessCentral maintains an extensive online catalog of top chess software - from chess playing programs to training software, from chess database software to chess chess software downloads. That's why we've put together this list of chess software reviews, help videos and support articles for all kinds of chess software. Here you can see chess videos on the latest ChessBase software or read up on how to install chess opening software. Whether you want chess software for PCs, MAC or handhelds, check out this free information from ChessCentral - the leader in cutting edge chess software! 

Online Chess Games

One of the best ways to learn about chess, and to improve your own chess play, is by watching or playing through actual chess games - especially those of top chess players. This section of ChessCentral's Tips and Tutorials offers plenty of free online chess games, with instructive commentary by chess Masters or the players themselves. Here you'll find chess games from the earliest days of chess right up to modern times, and each online chess game offers elements of chess strategy or chess opening play that will benefit every advancing chess player. More importantly, these free chess games are beautiful examples of chess art in action!

Learn Chess, Play Better Chess

ChessCentral caters to the beginner at chess, and our online chess store offers the most popular chess beginner products. But if you want some quick and easy chess tips, or free articles on chess improvement then here is the place! Free videos about chess rules, articles about basic chess strategy and checkmate in chess are all explained in detail. You'll find chess guides and tutorials on everything needed to get started in the fascinating world of chess - even product reviews, helps and no-nonsense instruction for chess beginners of any age!

Chess Sets, Chess Pieces, Chess Boards

Are you looking for plastic chess sets, tournament chess sets, wooden or themed chess sets? Be sure to read these free chess equipment articles for shopping tips and free information about chess boards and pieces. You'll even find instructions for working a chess clock, and illustrations of the various woods used in chess sets and chess boards. There's no need to guess about the right chess set after this free chess article collection!

Chess Programs and Chess Analysis

Chess playing programs are favored by every serious chess player, and for good reason. These chess software engines play chess games at extremely high levels, and are capable of analyzing a chess position down to the bare truth. Sporting titles like Fritz, Houdini, Shredder and Rybka, chess players can spar with them as blitz chess partners or use them to peer "Hubble-like" into the heart of a chess position. Chess playing software can read chess e-books and examine chess database and so much more - no wonder these chess programs are found in every top player's tool kit. Here you'll find tips and advice for getting the most out of your chess playing program, along with examples of what chess software can "see" in a chess game.