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  • Classic Chess Sampler I CD

Classic Chess Sampler I CD

Brand: ChessCentral

Classic Chess Sampler I CD

The Ultimate Chess Experience!

Get 12 Classic E-Books
40% off - Save $75!

Here is your chance to own the classics you've always wanted...but now in the latest ChessBase format! Each book faithfully follows the original, with text documents, photos, richly annotated games - and fully interactive! Just look at the titles included on this feature-packed CD:

Morphy's Games of Chess
by Philip W. Sergeant
For many players, their first chess book. Certainly in the 85 years since its appearance this classic has inspired thousands to take up our royal game....  Read more.

Modern Ideas in Chess
by Richard Reti
Here is Richard Reti's classic manifesto of the hyper-modern movement. Nothing like Modern Ideas in Chess has ever been attempted, before or since....  Read more.

Mr. Blackburne's Games at Chess
by Joseph Blackburne
Joseph Henry Blackburne met and defeated the top players in chess history, including Anderssen, Steinitz, and Tschigorin. Known as the "Black Death", Blackburne's game was wide open and highly tactical....  Read more.

International Chess Congress, St. Petersburg 1909
by Emanuel Lasker
Even today, St. Petersburg 1909 ranks high on any list of top tournaments, a trial of skill which produced more than a few "anthology" games. What makes the 1909 Congress at St. Petersburg one of the greatest....  Read more.

Chess Fundamentals
by J. R. Capablanca
Capablanca teaches chess! Let the 3rd World Chess Champion be your guide to improvement in chess, as he takes you step by step from novice to upper-grade competitor. Beginning with elementary checkmates, Capablanca moves logically through every phase of basic chess technique....  Read more

Common Sense in Chess
by Emanuel Lasker
Lasker's Common Sense in Chess has always been one of the standard works in chess literature, enjoying a place on the short list of required reading for....  Read more.

Chess Masterpieces
by H.E. Bird
Henry Bird's classic! Here the reader will find gem after gem, the very essence of Romantic chess, with wonderful commentary by the "Grand Old Man"....  Read more.

The Capablanca - Lasker Match
by J. R. Capablanca
The 1921 match in Havana between J. R. Capablanca and Emanuel Lasker was the most decisive victory ever achieved by any challenger. The young Cuban master clearly dominated the match - no mean feat versus a player like Lasker! Here then is....  Read more.

Chess Endings for Beginners
by J.H. Blake
This ingenious e-book contains the endgame knowledge that every chess player must have at his fingertips. Each of these 124 practical endings are the building blocks of winning chess, the foundation for....  Read more.

My Chess Career
by J. R. Capablanca
The 3rd World Chess Champion's own account of his chess career, from the earliest days through the Hastings "Victory Congress" in 1919. Capablanca has divided his development as a chess master into distinct phases, each illustrated by selected games, in which his powers....  Read more.

Plus...get these classic books specially created for the Acrobat eBook Reader (included):

Art of War
by Sun Tzu
Although Sun Tzu's Art of War was written more than 2,600 years ago, it stands today as the preeminent work on military strategy, the most brilliant exposition of armed conflict ever composed. This profound....  Read more.

The War of the Worlds
by H.G.Wells
When the Martians land outside London at the turn of the 20th century, no one knows whether the human race will survive! This classic science fiction....  Read more.

You get a special bonus folder containing chess stories, screen-savers and more!

This loaded CD is guaranteed to instruct, entertain and delight for years to come - a complete library on one compact disk. Order your copy of The Classic Chess Sampler today!

The ChessBase Reader and Adobe eBook Reader are included. No other software is required.

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