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  • Complete Queen's Gambit CD

Complete Queen's Gambit CD

Brand: ChessCentral

Complete Queen's Gambit

A new CD from Franco Pezzi, the author of Gambitingly! Never before has there been this much material on all variations of the Queen's Gambit. This jumbo CD contains hundreds of annotated and analyzed games, opening books, keys, pictures, audio - it's loaded! Here is what you will find:

Queen's Gambit Accepted: more than 15,800 selected games, 66 annotated games, 530 analyzed games, 1 music piece, 36 photos and 11 ChessBase opening books.

Alekhine Defense (with Haberditz & Furman Variations)
Showalter Variation
Mannheim Variation
Janowski-Larsen Variation
Classical Defense (with Steinitz, Smyslov & Rubinstein Variations)
Saduleto Variation (with Linares Variation)
Immediate Queen's Check

Queen's Gambit Declined: more than 27,800 selected games, 102 annotated games, 710 analyzed games, 1 music piece, 68 photos and 21 ChessBase opening books.

Albin Countergambit (with Classical & Tartakower Variations)
Chigorin Defense
Austrian Defense (with Gusev Countergambit)
Baltic Defense
Marshall Defense
Charousek (alias Alatortsev) Variation
Exchange Variation (with Saemisch Variation)
Ragozin Defense (with Vienna Variation)
Variation with 5.Bf4
Tartakower Defense (with Anti-Tartakower & Petrosian Variations)
Lasker Defense
Orthodox Defense (with Pillsbury Attack, Capablanca System, Rubinstein Attack, Hennegerger & Manhattan Variations)
Tarrasch Defense - Main Line
Schara-Ennig Countergambit
Rubinstein System
Semi-Tarrasch Variation
Dutch Variation (with Canal Variation & Dutch Gambit)

Slav & Semi Slav Defense: more than 32,700 selected games, 107 annotated games, 810 analyzed games, 1 music piece, 65 photos and 15 ChessBase opening books.

Exchange Variation
Winawer Countergambit
Fashion Variation
Main Variation
Czech Variation
Slav Gambit (with Geller Gambit)
Meran Variation
Anti-Meran Variation (with Latvian Attack & Anti-Meran System)
Cambridge Spring Variation (with Carlsbad Variation)
Botvinnik Variation
Flohr-Stahlberg Gambit
Marshall Gambit (with Gunderam Gambit)
Abrahams Variation

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