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  • Ebony and Maple Chess Board, 2.2" squares ww2-55520EBM

Ebony and Maple Chess Board, 2.2" squares ww2-55520EBM

Brand: ChessCentral

Chess Board
Ebony and Maple

This gorgeous board is constructed of classic Maple and rich, dark hued Ebony wood! The chess board has large 2.2" squares, perfect for use with multiple sets! The board measures approximately 20.5 x 20.5 inches, and is 0.5" thick with a fine veneer finish. The dark Ebony has long been known for its lustrous beauty. Its dark grain adds a remarkable beauty and variation to the design of the dark squares. The natural tones of the Maple give a vibrant and sleek appeal, that is certainly not to be underestimated. A dark Rosewood frame and a veneered finish give the coloration a continuity and contribute an overall finely finished flair to the board, while preventing chipping, cracking and wear-damage. This beautiful chess board is a masterful addition to any den or library. Perfect for amateurs or practiced players!

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