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  • Ebony and Maple Chess Board, 2.2" squares

Ebony and Maple Chess Board, 2.2" squares

Brand: WorldWise
AUD 120.87

Chess Board
Ebony and Maple

This board is constructed of classic Maple and deeply colored Ebony! Ebony has long been coveted in the wood market because of its richness and depth of color. The deep black obtained by ebony wood is unmatched by any other natural wood in existence. A fine grain and high density also makes ebony an exceedingly sturdy wood. The chess board has ample 2.2" squares, perfect for use with your favorite set! The board measures approximately 19.6 x 19.6 inches, and is 0.5" thick. A fine dark ebony frame gives the coloration a continuity and contribute an overall finely finished flair to the board.This chess board is the perfect compliment to any chess set. This gorgeous board is sturdy enough for years of wear-and-tear, and elegantly crafted for display. The perfect combination of function and form!

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