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  • Gambitingly! CD

Gambitingly! CD

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For the brave of heart, who can throw away pawns and laugh in the face of danger! Get the thrill of sacrificing material to start a mating attack, or to get a big development advantage. To help you on your quest, here is a newedition of this popular CD-Rom from Franco Pezzi, featuring gambits and more gambits! This 625mb(!) CD features thousands of annotated games, and comes in English, German and Italian. Included you will find the CB Reader and Fritz6 Demo (kind permission of ChessBase). Please note that the CD contains much more - attractive art, and even music files to enjoy! Below is a summary of the features:

New Gambitingly!

Previous Gambitingly!


91,000 games

5,800 analyzed games

4,700 analyzed games

800 annotated games (English-Italian-Deutsch)

318 annotated games (English-Italian-Deutsch)

24 articles (English-Italian-Deutsch)

14 articles (English-Italian-Deutsch)

126 opening books

53 opening books

350 photos

205 photos

38 music pieces

16 music pieces

18 video clips

4 video clips

King's Gambit:
More than 14,300 games, 100 annotated games, 280 analyzed games, 80 photos, 2 video clips, 26 ChessBase opening books and 6 articles.

King's Gambit Accepted:
Bishop's Gambit (17 variations)
Knight Gambit (29 variations)
Kieseritzky Gambit (9 variations)
Muzio Gambit (4 variations)
Breyer Gambit
Keres Gambit
Tartakower Gambit
Basman Gambit
Polerio Gambit
King's Gambit Declined (8 variations)
Falkbeer Countergambit (6 variations)
And more!

1.d4 Gambits:
More than 52,200 games, 400 annotated games,2,000 analyzed games, 80 photos, 33 ChessBase opening books, 6 video clips and 11 articles.

Albin Countergambit
Slav Defence (Slav, Marshall, Winawer)
Schara Hennig Countergambit
Blackmar Diemer Gambit
Budapest Countergambit
Benko Gambit (Volga)
Lisitzyn Gambit
Blumenfeld Gambit
Dutch Defence (Staunton, Krejcik)
From Gambit
Bellon Gambit
Tennison Gambit
Zilbermints' Works
And more!

1.e4 Gambits:
More than 70,300 games, 340 annotated games, 3,350 analyzed games, 190 photos, 67 ChessBase opening books, 10 video clips and 7 articles.

Scotch Gambit
Danish Gambit
Urusov Gambit
Evans Gambit
Belgrade Gambit
Latvian Gambit
Elephant Gambit
Morra-Velimirovic Gambit
Gambits in the French Defence, Russian Game, Two Knights Defense, Vienna Game, Sicilian Defense, Spanish Game, Caro-Kann Defense, Scandinavian Defense, Marshall Attack, Tal Gambit, and more!

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