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  • Grand Taj Chess Pieces with 3.75" king
  • Grand Taj Chess Pieces with 3.75" king Queens
  • Grand Taj Chess Pieces with 3.75" king box
  • Grand Taj Chess Pieces with 3.75" king Knights

Grand Taj Chess Pieces with 3.75" king

Brand: ChessCentral
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The Grand Taj Chess Set
Rosewood Chess Pieces

East meets West in this unique tournament-size, weighted and felt padded chess set. The Grand Taj chess set features a full 3.75" King with a 1.675" diameter base, each piece a remarkable tribute to eastern design, as personified in the Taj Mahal. Note the rounded "onion dome" aspect of the chessmen, yet with a traditional almost Staunton-like feel.

The White pieces are carved from the finest Boxwood, while the Black chess pieces are made from a deep brown, rich Rosewood, both providing fine and even texture. This lustrous Rosewood has a classic marbled look, with excellent natural finish and polish characteristics, giving the Grand Taj chess set its heirloom appearance.

The King proudly displays the wonderful handiwork of a skilled artisan in its rounded crown and finial. The double cross pinnacle adds special interest to this magnificent set.

The Grand Taj chessmen are handcrafted in intricate detail by the finest artisans - you can plainly see the impressive workmanship in each piece. You will enjoy this unique, but traditional set for years to come!The Taj Mahal in India is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Built in 1648, the Taj was commissioned by Shah Jahan the Mughal Emperor as a mausoleum for his favorite wife. The shapes of the different chess pieces were made keeping in mind the various designs of the parts of the building. Take a look at the Taj Mahal and you will find many similarities, and quickly see how the Grand Taj chess pieces were inspired.

Board NOT included.

King Height: 3.75 inches

King Base: 1.675 inches
Chess Pieces Total Weight: 52 ounces
Recommended Board Square Size: 2.25 inches

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