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Katachess Download

Brand: Katachess


KATACHESS is a chess training system to master chess! This program is not for players who do not know how to play chess, this program is for players who want to improve their game. The Katachess technique focuses on pattern recognition.

The system gives you a series of ten puzzles which require the user to point and click the chess pieces to accomplish checkmate. If the user is stumped, he can click anywhere on the board and the pieces will move for him. A puzzle is considered missed if the player fails to make checkmate, the missed puzzles cycle around until all ten puzzles have been checkmated.

After the user finishes the first ten, ten new puzzles appear and so forth ten more after that until the player has successful completed all the puzzles. Most chess students study famous chess games to remember the moves, but Katachess develops your mind for picking the best chess solution through pattern recognition

Strengthen your skills.
KataChess will train you so well that you will amaze even yourself with instant improvement.

Easy to use.
Simply guess what square White will move to. Click the show me button to get a hint any time. Learn using patent pending pattern training

Blast through hundreds of patterns..
Learning is easier when you are not distracted by a clumsy interface.

New Features include:

  • We've added sound with sound on/off.

  • A back button because people asked for it.

  • A new book of 50 puzzles.

  • A better goto tray button - easy to hit

  • A more robust print routine that prints better

  • A big "finish for me" button which becomes a "next" button when it is done finishing for you.

Size 2,538 KB; Minimum Requirements 4 MB RAM & 5MB Hard Disk
Supported OS's Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows NT

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