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  • Magister at the Top - Chessbase Format CD

Magister at the Top - Chessbase Format CD

Brand: ChessCentral

Magister at the Top - ChessBase Format

Tired of "junk" databases, with low quality games and incomplete header information? Sure, there's a place for regional school events and "girls under 12" games, but not on this outstanding new CD-Rom! Magister: At the Top features only the best of the best - no quick draws, no easy wins (at least 20 moves), no internet or blitz games, no correspondence games and no duplicated games. Every player represented here has a minimum ELO rating of 2300, but most are far stronger. Serious and slow tournament games only!

Magister: At the Top is divided into four separate databases, described below, giving you a total of 478,295 top-quality chess games. In addition, there are several excellent Fritz Books or "Tree" databases such as Kasparov as White; Karpov as Black; Shirov as White; Kramnik as Black, and so on - 24 specialized Books in all!

(Note: this CD is available in two versions, ChessBase format or PGN format. The PGN format version includes "At the top" in HTML format with Javascript Replay.)

Take a look at some of these features:

1. Magister 398,500 selected games by 9,527 players, Elo 2300-2831.

2. At the Top 8,880 games. All the Interzonal Tournaments, Candidate Tournaments, Candidate Matches and all matches for the World Championship from 1948 to 2003.

3. GM's Private Room Grandmasters only! A total of 70,915 games by 717 GM players, Elo 2500-2831.

4. Bonus PDF format (Acrobat Reader): 1948 WCC The Hague Moscow; 1948 IZT Saltsjobaden; 1952 IZT Saltsjobaden; 1953 CT Zurich; 1955 IZT Goteborg; 1956 CT Amsterdam; 1958 IZT Portoroz; 1959 CT Jugoslavia.

Here is your chance to own the most carefully sifted premium chess database available anywhere, and at a remarkably low price. Don't wait - order your copy of Magister: At the Top today!

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