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  • Medieval Knights in Armor Chess Pieces
  • Medieval Knights in Armor Chess Pieces

Medieval Knights in Armor Chess Pieces

Brand: WorldWise
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Medieval Knights in Armor Chess Set

An amazing recreation of the Knights of old. The Medieval Knights are battle dressed in armor and ready to contend with any foe. This protective armor helped to define the military unit and social class in battle.

The Medieval Knights chess set's King stands 3.25 inches tall. With a metallic visor covering his face, the King carries his broadsword and shield into battle. The shield depicts his family crest giving the set an authentic tie to the Middle Ages.

The Queen stands with battle-axe at the ready. The battle-axe is a dangerous weapon when in the hands of a strong and skilled Knight.

The Bishops hold their broadsword point downward using a small shield for battle protection. Knights on horseback are the focal point of this magnificent chess set. Both rider and horse are heavily armored and were considered the "tanks" of medieval warfare. What better to represent the Rook than a Medieval castle! The Turret with its high brick walls and small windows make an impregnable fortress for an enemy to assault. Your pawns as foot soldiers are even dressed in full armor.

Join battle with this medieval Knight chess set and relive age of chivalry!

Pieces: Non-weighted, plastic resin, and hand painted.

King: 3-1/4"
Base: 1-1/8"
Recommended Chess Board Square Size: 1.5"

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