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  • Mega Database 2023 Upgrade from Mega 2022 for Download - Chess Game Database Software and Chess Traps and Stratagems -  E-Book Download
  • Chess Traps and Stratagems -  E-Book Download

Mega Database 2023 Upgrade from Mega 2022 for Download - Chess Game Database Software and Chess Traps and Stratagems - E-Book Download

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Mega Database 2023 Upgrade from Mega 2022 for Download 
Chess Traps and Stratagems -  E-Book Download

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Download Available November 23

he ChessBase Mega Database 2023 is the premiere chess database with over 9.75 million games from 1475 to 2022 in high quality. Packing more than 110,000 annotated games, Mega 2023 contains the world‘s largest collection of high-class analysed games. Train like a pro! Prepare for your opponents with ChessBase and the Mega Database 2023. Let grandmasters explain how to best handle your favorite variations, improve your repertoire and much more.

• Includes Mega Update Service 2023: update your Mega with your ChessBase 17 (or 16/15) program every week with over 5,000 new games. That’s about 250,000 new games by the end of 2023!

• Comfortable design with even more top-level tournaments than ever before!

• Direct access to All World Championship matches, Candidates tournaments, famous historical tournaments and all Olympiads!

• Player lexicon for download with over 650,000 player names and more than 44,000 player photos (only with ChessBase 17/16/15)

System requirements: Desktop PC or Notebook, 2 GB RAM, Windows 11, 10 or 8.1, DVD-ROM drive, ChessBase 17, 16 or 15, Internet access (downloads).

Chess Traps and Stratagems -  E-Book Download

Chess books written by Edward Ernest Cunnington (1852-1942) were extremely popular at the turn of last century, with many of his titles revised and reprinted for decades. This book, Chess Traps and Stratagems, was first published in 1902, and lived on through some 35 editions into World War Two and beyond. Enjoyed by thousands of chess players in times past, the book is today difficult to find - and difficult to read for those not versed in "English Descriptive" notation. A great pity, for this little gem contains many beautiful combinations, delightful terminations, and much chess wisdom.

What was needed amounted to excavating a bit of chess history, a "chess reclamation" project to render a modern translation into algebraic notation - machine readable yet retaining the charm and flavor of the original. This version from ChessCentral aims to meet that need without distracting from Cunnington's work, the 143 "traps and stratagems" that every chess player ought to understand. These examples amount to a manual of chess combinations, and by the time the student has mastered the mechanics presented here he will have learned much about tactics in chess.

The 63 opening traps are the most common snares that club players are likely to face. Over half come from classic 1.e4 e5 games, always a common sight in tournaments everywhere. The 71 stratagems are very instructive positions which are well explained by the author. A few include additional study diagrams, bringing to 143 the total number of cases examined. On the way very few analytical mistakes were discovered, some typos, but Cunnington clearly shows himself an excellent guide through many of the best chess traps ever seen.

In the construction of this book we have let Cunnington speak for himself, in both chess analysis and prose. After more than a hundred years Chess Traps and Stratagems holds up well under the gaze of a modern chess computer - a testament indeed to Cunnington's skill in selecting and commenting on these positions. No wonder this book was so popular for so long!

Chess Traps and Stratagems includes 7 text documents with hyperlinked game citations, diagrams with links, original cover scan, and embedded commentary by the Rev. E. E. Cunnington, MA.




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