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  • StarBase CD

StarBase CD

Brand: ChessCentral


Welcome to the largest, most comprehensive collection of chess games anywhere. From the year 1516 through December 2004 StarBase 4.56 delivers a mind-numbing 4,565,629 chess games, from Greco to Gary Kasparov. Games of every kind, including world championship match games, international tournaments, regional events, correspondence games, e-mail and Internet blitz games, simultaneous and other exhibition games, problems, studies - even odds games are found here!

Duplicates have been virtually eliminated, using the latest ChessBase 9.0 "kill doubles" technology, and thousands of false games (0-3 moves) have also been deleted. Search for the games you want using the usual ChessBase indices (Players, Tournaments, etc.), or by ECO code, or even by exact position. The sheer size of this database lets you dominate any corner of history, or any byway of chess theory, with a few simple mouse clicks. In the ever-expanding universe of collected chess games, StarBase 4.56 is your advanced outpost on the way to Total Knowledge!

You Compare, You Decide

The ChessBase "flagship" database is the Mega 2005 CD, which contains just over 2,900,000 games and costs $149.95. On the other hand, StarBase 4.56 has 4,565,629 games for only $29.95 - so where did ChessBase go wrong? Well, of course they didn't go wrong; the difference is simply one of quality! That's right. Simuls and Internet games and regional events are hard to find in Mega 2005, and you also get lots of GM notes (not many here), opening keys (none here), and great uniformity in game header information (oops!). In that light, StarBase 4.56 is a "second-tier" database offering massive numbers - about one and a half million more - in exchange for such niceties. Somewhat like a rocket ship might trim its payload for more lifting power!

So, what's the bottom line? StarBase 4.56 is the biggest chess database around, available at a bargain price.

Comes in ".cbh" format only, and requires ChessBase 6.0 and higher, or Fritz5 (Junior, Shredder, etc.) and higher.

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