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  • The Reti, A Flexible Attacking Opening

The Reti, A Flexible Attacking Opening

Brand: ChessBase

The Reti, A Flexible Attacking Opening

The Nimzo-Indian, the Gruenfeld and the King's Indian Defense are three incredibly uncomfortable defenses to meet. This hypermodern DVD gives new ideas on how to squash these setups with sound, positional play based on double fianchetto systems. This DVD focuses on the move 1.Nf3 and covers the necessary variations to meet Black's most popular systems, including the ones listed above as well as the Slav and Catalan/Orthodox type setups. White steers away from mainstream theory while still being on the aggressive side and causing Black problems from the beginning.

Videorunning time: 4 hours (English)

Alejandro Ramirez is the only Grandmaster from Central America and achieved his title at the age of 15. Since then he has played in top level events including the World Chess Championship in 2004, three Olympiads and he was the winner of the 2010 US Open.

System requirements: Pentium-Processor at 300 Mhz or higher, 64 MB RAM, Windows 8, 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, DVD drive, mouse, soundcard.
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  1. Independent Repertoire

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 24th 2016

    Alejandro Ramirez offers a comprehensive and independent repertoire to range of popular responses to 1.Nf3 and transposed systems. Based on Ramirez's own games, this DVD is a breath of fresh air. Both tactical and positional explanation consolidate the reasons for why repertoire moves are played.