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  • The Sicilian Dragon 1 - Chess Opening Software on CD

The Sicilian Dragon 1 - Chess Opening Software on CD

Brand: ChessBase

The Sicilian Dragon, Part 1

When playing as White, if you do not want to enter sharp opening systems you would do better to fight against the Dragon by castling short. These specific variations are the theme of Rogozenko's CD Dragon 1. White castles short and basically does not try to achieve an opening advantage. But the character of the positions is completely different from when White castles Queenside and often does not fall in with Black's plans. The author himself came to this painful conclusion the first time he played the Dragon; the annotations to this game alone cast much light on the opening.

Sicilian Dragon 1 - Chess Training Made Fun!

  • Suitable for advanced players

  • 29 texts and 113 annotated model games

  • Database with over 24,000 games

  • Training Database Includes the ChessBase Reader

About the author of Sicilian Dragon 1

Grandmaster Dorian Rogozenko lives in Bucharest and took part in the 2001 FIDE World Championship in Moscow. In ChessBase Magazine he is responsible for the B70-B79 area. Two successful CDs by Rogozenko have already been published by ChessBase: The Sveshnikov Variation and The Slav Defence.

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