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  • The Svarog - Unique Wood Chess Set with Board and Storage, King 3.5"
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  • The Svarog - Unique Wood Chess Set with Board and Storage, King 3.5" interior

The Svarog - Unique Wood Chess Set with Board and Storage, King 3.5"

Brand: ChessCentral

The Svarog
Unique Wood Chess Set with Board and Storage

High in the mystic Carpathian Mountains of Europe, home of the Dragon and the vampire myth, you will find artisans that draw deep from a wellspring of history dating back centuries, honoring the finest traditions in wood carving. The chess set is named after the mythological deity Svarog, god of fire..
This unique and exotic chess set ishand carved in the Carpathian Mountains of Europe, and makes an excellent travel companion. Players on the go will especially appreciate this distinctive folding travel chess set. Notice the intricate detail given to the crowns of the King and Queen, and the markings along the chessmen's base. The contrasting colors topping the Kings and Queens are strictly traditional yet lend this set a truly unique appearance. This fine chess set includes a wood chess board which doubles as a storage container for the chess pieces - the carrying case not only protects the pieces but also opens to serve as an algebraic chessboard! The King is a serious 3.5 inches tall and is, like each of the chess pieces, made from Beech wood - known for its fine grain and excellent finish. The chess board is 126.5" x 16.5" and decorated on the borders for display at home or in the office. The interior of the storage compartment is lined with green felt which cushions the chess pieces for easy and safe transport. And of course the bottom of each piece is felt-covered to protect the wooden chess board from scratches. This chess set is wonderfully detailed, unique and decorative - small enough for travel and large enough for comfortable playing. You will enjoy many years of chess play

King Height: 3.5"
Dimensions, Case Folded: 16.5" x 8.25" x 2"
Chess Board: 16.5 x 16.5 inches
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  1. Lots of compliments

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 13th 2020

    I got this set for my husband. At first when he pulled it out of the box I wasn't sure if I liked it. The wood burning decorations are obviously hand done and didn't look as I'd expected. We went to the local bar with the set so he could play with his friend and people gave it compliments on how beautiful it was as they walked by and my husband said that after playing a game, he really liked the feel of the set and it was good playing with the wood.