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  • Treviso Refinement Chess Set - Chess Pieces and Matching Chess Board

Treviso Refinement Chess Set - Chess Pieces and Matching Chess Board

Brand: WorldWise

Treviso Refinement Chess Set
Metal, Staunton Design

Made out of unyielding metal, this chess set gives a feel of precision and staunch determination in battle. The soft brushed coating to the metal's surface allows for a dignified appeal and classy sheen without being overbearingly gaudy. Each piece has a smooth feel, and polishes to a brilliant luster when buffed.The wise choice of metal insures that pieces will be greatly resistant to cracking, breaking, water damage, and over all wear-and-tear.
Each chess piece is sized for an easy grip and satisfying feel, and this particular set has a 3" king. The unique Staunton design emphasizes the skilled craftsmanship of the metal's form, as well as provides a natural grip and smooth feel to the metal's shape and surface. Its brushed steely beauty is emphasized by the elegant choice of the Staunton design. Staunton chess sets often give off a vibrant and timeless appeal that provides an air of dignity and commands the attention of all who look upon its gentle silhouette and distinct curvature, and such features are certainly visible in this set. Also included is a pressed leather board for added flair, elegance, and comfort.
Pieces: Staunton Metal Men
King height: 3"
King diameter (at base): 1"

Board: Pressed Leather Board
Dimensions: 13" x 13"
Square size: 1.25"





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