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  • Villach Chess Set-Rosewood and Boxwood

Villach Chess Set-Rosewood and Boxwood

Brand: WorldWise

Villach Chess Pieces

This chess set is carved from a vibrant combination of Rosewood and natural shades of Boxwood. Boxwood's reliability in chess piece construction is well known, and heavily relied upon in the modern chess market because of its strength, feel, and fine grain, which prevents cracking of the pieces. Rosewood is a smooth and richly hued wood that seems to posses a vibrancy of its own. Its rich hues and dark grain add emphasis to each chessman and give it a distinguished air. The wood itself originates from various parts of Brazil and is heavier and durable. Rosewood of various types has traditionally been used in furniture manufacturing as well as chess construction. The rich appeal of the Rosewood pieces' deep hues are simply eye-catching with a luminous quality that seems to collect and give off a light of their own. 
All chess pieces are felted, double weighted, and with a slightly broadened base to lend a unique sturdiness to the pieces, as well as to avoid slipping and tipping during game-play.

Chess Pieces: Rosewood and Boxwood
King height: 4" 
King diameter (at base): 1.6"
Double weighted and felted






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