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  • Yasser Seirawan: My Best Games - Chess Biography Software DVD

Yasser Seirawan: My Best Games - Chess Biography Software DVD

Brand: ChessBase

Yasser Seirawan: My Best Games

Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan began playing chess in the summer of 1972; by 1979 he had won the World Junior Championship and in January of 1980 earned his final Grandmaster norm. What had he learned in seven and a half years that propelled him so far so quickly? In this, his first Fritz trainer DVD, Yasser takes an engaging in-depth look at 22 games he played from the period 1975-1982, explaining his style, strategy and tactics against such chess giants as Larsen, Gligoric, Kortchnoi, Tal, Timman, and Karpov (among others). Yasser's engaging personality and desire to share his knowledge shines through as does the clarity and the ideas behind his moves.

English. Video running time: 5 hours

System requirements: Pentium-Processor at 300 Mhz or higher, 64 MB RAM, Windows XP/Vista/Windows7, DVD drive, mouse, sound card.

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