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  • The Susan Polgar Method for Scholastic Chess Training, Vol. 1 - Chess Course Video Download

The Susan Polgar Method for Scholastic Chess Training, Vol. 1 - Chess Course Video Download

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The Susan Polgar Method for Scholastic Chess Training, Vol. 1
Chess Course Video Download

Your Professional Chess Teaching Toolkit Includes:

7 Hours of Video Lessons with Grandmaster Susan: In just 15 minutes a week, children are on a firm path to chess confidence. GM Susan uses a real physical board as well as a 2D interactive board with arrows and highlighted squares to make ideas simple to understand.

A Comprehensive Teacher’s Manual with clearly outlined lesson aims, instructions, and instructive diagrams - this is really the ultimate chess teaching blueprint for kids.

Challenging Test Puzzles for Each Section: So you’ve taught the lesson, but how do you know if it “sunk in” and the children mastered each new skill? Simple! Give them these theme-based puzzles to solve and if they can solve them, the lesson is a success.

The joys and benefits of playing chess are the most wonderful gifts you can give your child - and with this all-inclusive, professional training program your little one might just be beating you very soon! To be the parent or coach of a young chess player is a wonderful feeling! Playing chess raises a child’s IQ, improves math skills, develops critical thinking, and gives them a ton of joy as well!

But what’s the best way to teach them so that they not only enjoy the game, but also reach the full depth of their potential? Imagine watching your clever little chess nut gradually become smarter, do much better at school, win the occasional chess tournament - AND have tons of fun!

It’s possible and here’s how to make it happen:

Grandmaster Susan Polgar is a former World Chess Champion and World Class Chess Trainer with FORTY FIVE plus years of chess experience, and she knows how to bring children the benefits and joys of chess. After all, she herself won the Girls’ Budapest Championship under 11 at the age of 4 with a perfect 10-0 score!

Susan has now distilled her 45+ years of experience into what she considers the ULTIMATE training system for ambitious kids. With her groundbreaking course, you are handed a comprehensive chess training curriculum comprised of video lessons, puzzles, and a detailed teacher’s manual created by Grandmaster Susan herself.

About the Author

Grandmaster Susan Polgar is a Hungarian-American chess player and one of the strongest female players ever. She was the Women’s World Chess Champion from 1996 until 1999, and made history in 1986 by becoming the first-ever female player to qualify to compete in the World Chess Championship.

    4-Time Women’s World Chess Champion (1996-99)
    First-ever female player to qualify to compete in the Men’s World Chess Championship.
    First-ever World Champion to win the Triple-Crown (Rapid, Blitz and Classical World Championships)
    5-time Olympic Champion with 10 overall medals
    6-Time USA College Chess Champion Team Head Coach

First Your Child Will Learn These Chess Basics

    How to understand the chessboard, and how to set it up.
    What the chess pieces are and how they move.
    The basics of chess openings – the best way to start your games
    How to make plans and form a strategy
    Beginner chess endgames

Then Your Child Will Develop Life-Changing Skills Like:

    How to Choose Between Seemingly Equal Options: In life and in chess, we are often forced to make tough choices, and without good judgment, mistakes will be made. (Diagrammed Example): When a child gets to “eat” the enemy queen, they usually think the game is over, but GM Susan explains how to avoid this trap and look closer - until they find the much better Qh8 checkmate!

    The Tenacity to NEVER Give Up! When a child feels like they’re “losing”, the usual reaction is to lose hope and stop trying. GM Susan teaches them that they should NEVER give up, as chess (and life!) has dozens of ways one can defend like a tiger, crawl back from the brink of defeat, outwit opponents and finally win (or draw via “stalemate tricks”) in the end!

    How to Stay Calm, Take a Deep Breath and Escape from Danger: A child’s first instinct when faced with danger is to PANIC and react impulsively. GM Susan teaches how our young champion can identify the danger, assess the options, and save the day! (Diagrammed Example): The black queen is pinned to her king and there seems to be no way to avoid losing her. Many kids would think “I guess I have no choice” and capture the bishop, instead of looking deeper and finding the game-saving ...Bc4! which blocks the pin!
    Think Ahead! GM Susan will teach your child to visualize outcomes in advance and then calculate the correct path to success. This is an invaluable skill in both chess and life! (Diagrammed Example): The bishop can capture all pawns only by doing so in a precise order… your child will be able to calculate to the end in their mind, without even moving a piece!

    Be Ambitious! Timid children soon become ambitious as they learn to TARGET each other’s kings and concentrate forces in the attack, and once they start winning games with these ideas their confidence explodes! (Diagrammed Example:) White has her queen positioned close to the black king, but she needs help, so with the ambitious move Ng5! a queen checkmate on h7 is inevitable!

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