​Chess Advocate

Posted by Dwight Weaver on Feb 28th 2016

A brand new issue of the Chess Advocate magazine is available for free download, and this number is especially attractive. Dwight Weaver has assembled articles of interest, annotated games, chess problems and much historical material - including a couple of rediscovered chess comics!

The current volume features commentary by Roy DeVault, author and master level ICCF competitor in the world of correspondence chess. Several excellent chess problems from the 1920s are included, composed by Dr. Gilbert Dobbs who was a notable member of the early Memphis Chess Club and Western Chess Association. But the highlight has to be the full length color reprint of two forgotten comic book chess stories from 1947 and 1952, a flashback to the good old days. And keeping that theme, even the advertisements in this issue are nostalgic imitations of comic book ads from the 1950s and 1960s.

A welcome read for any chess player, this milestone issue of the Chess Advocate is available for download here.

Download the Chess Advocate