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Chess on Video

Imagine chess training on video! Now with your favorite video player you can learn almost anything about the game of chess - and all from the comfort of your favorite chair. What could be simpler (or more relaxing!) than a programmed session with your favorite top chess Grandmaster? At your own pace you can learn the basics of chess, conquer the endgame or catch up on the latest chess opening theory. That's because today chess videos cover all aspect of chess, from how to set up the board for chess beginners to deep middlegame chess strategy. And it's all here at ChessCentral's online chess shop! As a bonus, ChessCentral may include a free e-book download with your order. Contact us for details!

Susan Polgar's Chess the Easy Way
This series will get you started in chess quickly and easily, improving your chess game in natural steps. You'll not only learn chess the fun way with these high quality chess videos, but part of the proceeds go to, in support of women's chess in America.

Foxy Chess Opening Videos
Now you can find specialized chess opening theory on video, covering everything from repertoire systems for White or Black to the latest wrinkle in the Sicilian Defense. Presented by top international players, these chess videos help you quickly understand the nuts and bolts of chess openings.

Roman's Mastering Chess on Video
These chess videos are hosted by Grandmaster Roman Dzindzichashvili, former US and Russian Champion and Coach of World Champion Garry Kasparov. These chess videos form an invaluable guide to learning chess, based upon understanding rather than memorization.

Chess Opening Videos
Here you will find top quality chess opening theory, tested with success by Grandmasters in tournament play! These chess opening videos will treat you to the most up-to-date game analysis, and cut your preparation time - remember, you're watching a video! Sorted by opening type for quick access.

Chess Middlegame Videos
Good chess positions don't win games - good moves do. In the middlegame is where mastery of good technique will win points. But you must also play with a positive, realistic plan because the initiative goes to the side that can devise one.

Chess Endgame Videos
Endgames are seen as combining beauty and precision in the game of chess. Chess players find that endgames are one of the unique and subtle wonders of the Royal Game. Many a hard fought middlegame has been decided only by the best endgame technique.

General Chess Videos
Learn and improve your chess with these terrific videos. What could be simpler than sitting in your favorite chair, turning on the TV and learning to play chess? Chess videos make starting out in chess easy. So sit back, relax, and get ready to watch these great videos while playing chess and having fun!