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Complete Chess Course Software & Parent's Guide to Chess Book

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Complete Chess Course

Complete Chess Course covers a wide range of opening, middlegame and endgame subjects. It begins with teaching you how to checkmate the lone king and proceeds to more advanced topics, such as utilizing material and positional advantages. This program includes 55 lessons with more than 1200 instructive examples and exercises. You can easily and enjoyably improve your play by studying, practicing and solving the carefully selected examples and exercises in Complete Chess Course, which is intended for beginners and tournament players with USCF ratings of 1000 through 1800. English and Spanish versions are included.

You'll get plenty of feedback to track your progress:
  • Study the training material and test your knowledge
  • Review your rating history
  • Keep track of the progress of multiple users. Compete against your friends and family members
  • Play against a chess program
Course chapters include:
  1. Utilizing decisive material advantage
  2. The three stages of chess game
  3. Basics pawn endings
  4. The fundamentals of chess tactics
  5. Utilizing a material or positional advantage
System requirements: IBM-compatible PC, 64 Mb RAM, Hard Disk 50 Mb of free disk space, Windows 7/XP/Vista, CD-ROM Drive. No additional software required.

Parent's Guide to Chess

A parents' roadmap to their child's fascinating new hobby - chess. The good news from teachers and other parents: kids who play chess not only have a lot of fun, but they also:

* do better in school
* learn self-reliance
* develop lifelong analytical skills
Even if you're clueless about the game, it's vocabulary, and it's potential for your child, the questions will come fast and often sound like another language:
* What do you think of the Petroff Defense, Dad?
* What do I do with an isolated pawn, Mom?
* Where can I find other kids to play chess with?
* I'm ready for a chess coach - where can I find one?
* How can I play in a tournament to get an official rating?

Here are the basics to help any parent guide their child to get the most out of an occasionally confusing, but extremely rewarding opportunity. Parents can teach their children important skills while strengthening their relationship and sharing an activity that can serve as a life-long bond.

Dan Heisman
155 pp.
Russell Enterpises 2002
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