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If there is one place to play online chess, this is it! On, the world's biggest chess server, you will find 20,000 chess lovers every day, from all over the world. You will immediately be able to find an opponent of your own playing strength, or if you fancy watching, you can kibitz Grandmaster games and follow world class tournaments. Why not attend a training lesson or take part in a simultaneous exhibition against a grandmaster while you're at it? There is a room for beginners and hobby players, where you can also play without a chess clock.

Start playing straight away. Together with over 200,000 registered users from 90 nations. On the world's biggest chess server you will always be able to find an appropriate opponent straight away, without having to wait.

It doesn't get any faster than this. Moves are transmitted in minimal time thanks to our high performance, low-ping server.

Free Windows access software. We offer you professional level chessboard graphics, high functionality, ease of use and full compatibility with Fritz. No chess server offers you more!

Serious chess. Tournament arbiters and sysops are online watching over play and available 24/7, ready to help you if you should have any problems.

Computer chess. Want to test your hardware or software out against other budding computer chess enthusiasts? Then head into the computer chess room, where both Computer and Centaur playing modes are available. Just don't try using one in the human playing rooms though! Our anti-cheating measures are extremely efficient!

Play with the greats. All the big stars are on Playchess, from Garry Kasparov to current World Champion Vishy Anand, world number one Magnus Carlsen and Nigel Short, along a whole host of other very strong players. Watch live games and have Fritz analyse the position for you in real time!

Be there live. Look in on world class tournaments, listen to live commentary from top grandmasters, chat with other spectators and follow all the most important games at the same time. Only Playchess offers you the unique ??multiboard?? experience!

You decide. Who do you want to play against? On you can filter your challenges according to playing strength or game time, or according to whether you want a friendly or a rated game.

Information service. Lightning fast Elo evaluation after every rated game, including a progress chart and automatic game storage. User profiles can be fully customized, you can choose to put up a photo or list your location, write a personal message and much more.

Easy to find your way about. On you will easily find what you want, with the virtual chess club divided into many ??rooms??: the main playing hall, the beginners' room, a tournament hall for both official and private tournaments, tournament broadcasts, simultaneous exhibitions, chess training, rooms for clubs and federations, the engine room for matches between chess programs, and the thematic room for special chess variants.

Take an active role in the chess community. On anyone can organise private tournaments! You could start to broadcast your club championship live, even offer your own training lectures or give a simultaneous exhibition!

No interruptions. Once you're online, there are no distracting adverts, so you can dive into complex struggles without disturbance.

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