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Are you looking for plastic chess sets, tournament chess sets, wooden or themed chess sets? Be sure to read these free chess equipment articles for shopping tips and free information about chess boards and pieces. You'll even find instructions for working a chess clock, and illustrations of the various woods used in chess sets and chess boards. There's no need to guess about the right chess set after this free chess article collection!

How to Buy the Right Chess Set: Get the Pieces and Board for You!
There are so many choices on the market today. How do you buy a chess set (pieces and board) that will meet your needs? Which type of set are you looking for - decorative, practical or both? ChessCentral has put together the following information to help you in your buying decision. A chess set and board should reflect your personal style and taste, as well as fit your budget Read more


A History of Chess Pieces and Sets
The earliest Indian chess pieces were called shah (King), wazir (Counselor), fil (Bishop), asp (Knight), rukh (Rook), and piyade (pawn). The earliest Persian names were shah, farzin, pil, asp, rukh, and piyada. In Arabic they were shah, firzan, fil, faras, rukhkh, and baidaq. Countries of the western world translated the earliest names as closely as possible. Read more