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  • Foxy Chess Openings: The Sniper! - All 4 DVDs by GM Ron Henley PLUS MasterChesss 80000

Foxy Chess Openings: The Sniper! - All 4 DVDs by GM Ron Henley PLUS MasterChesss 80000

Brand: Chess on DVD

The Sniper! - All 4 DVDs by GM Ron Henley

The Sniper is a dynamic and universal chess opening system that fills in the gaps for the Black player who plays the Accelerated Dragon, the Dzindzi-Indian, or other Black Fianchetto defenses. Black's system of development with 1...g6 and 2...Bg7 allows White to occupy the center, but in true Sniper modern style, Black strikes back with an early ...c7-c5! The Sniper can lead to many original or barely touched upon positions in which Black has very good theoretical chances, but even better practical chances as his opponent is on unfamiliar turf. The Sniper is also very rich in potential transpositions into favorable Sicilian, Dzindzi-Indian, King's Indian, or Benko Gambit type positions.

Grandmaster Ron W. Henley has spent years playing 1...g6 systems and with the Sniper has now bridged the gap between the Accelerated Dragon and his beloved Dzindzi-Indian. In the Sniper DVDs he will show you how to play and his own personal recommendations against each of White's major third move alternatives, as well as special antidotes to the Maroczy Bind and English Opening.

MasterChess 8000 Chess Software

Are you looking for chess playing software that can give you more realistic evaluations? Do you need a chess program that comes with a simple, easy to use interface? How about smart looking board graphics, with the ability to import and export your .pgn files? And naturally you'll need to analyze, animate, annotate and print your games with great chess fonts. Now you can accomplish all that and more with MasterChess 8000. Here is why you should be chomping at the bit to plug this chess DVD into your computer:

* Play and analyze with 7 super strong chess engines, or add any UCI engine
* Giant 2 million searchable database of Master chess games through July 2011
* Find games that match your move order - or position - in less than a second
* Search for games by chess opening (ECO) or by White, Black, player, date and more!
* Easily add your own chess games in .pgn format, even internet databases
* Extra large, super sharp 2D diagrams with chess fonts
* Extras like Fischer clocks, integration with Chess Openings Wizard Professional, various diagram settings, etc.
* Step by step chess video instruction and dedicated Help Forum

Plays the best "human chess" ever! -GM Roman Dzindzichashvili

This new chess playing program and analysis tool can easily become your main chess database management program. All the features you'd expect are here: you can gather, sort and arrange chess games or positions with ease. And at any point monster chess engines are ready to jump in, to analyze or play at your command. Those higher priced chess programs have a challenge on their hands, because MasterChess 8000 retails for an amazing low price!

With MasterChess 8000 chess analysis has never been so easy - its large 2D board and fast search capability gives you quick and serious feedback from the top rated chess engines already installed. Want to know what move you should have played? Let MasterChess 8000 show you what's really happening on the chess board.

Play 9 of The World's Highest Rated Engines - CCRL Rated 40/40:

* Stockfish - 3242
* Rybka 2.2 - 3126
* Spark 1.0 - 3091
* Fruit - 2887
* Strelka - 2871
* Naum. - 2802
* Ruffian - 2702

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