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Fritz 17- Standard Repertoires


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Fritz 17 provides access to standard opening repertoires for nearly every prominent line in chess. Those repertoires are regularly updated to current theory and recent games on our server. You can either drill them with "Free Drill" or upload them to "My Moves." Or you pick single lines by marking moves. Of course you may simply store them in your traditional databases. Open a list by calling "Openings → Standard Repertoires." Click on any entry and it will automatically load.

Standard Repertoires are available in four levels: Easy ClubTournament and Professional. This saves work: As a normal club player you don’t have to extract the best moves from a deeply nested professional repertoire suitable only for master level players.

Opening Theory "Laid Back"

The best way to memorize opening variations is to execute moves physically. On the screen or even better on a board. Your brain will be more engaged in what you do. However, sometimes at the end of a long day you just might want to lean back, relax and leave mouse and keyboard untouched.

To satisfy this, Fritz 17 introduces the replay of variation trees. You can watch your repertoire being played out on the screen. Lines are picked randomly and repeated as often as you like. Just let it run, set the speed and watch.

Opening features

Standard Repertoires and Full Tree Replay