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Chess Advocate

The Chess Advocate
Designed and Published by Dwight Weaver

A special treat for all fans of the visual arts!

Here you can download every issue of the Chess Advocate, a full-color digital magazine devoted to chess - but a magazine unlike any other. This brain-child of Mississippi resident Dwight Weaver combines old school drawings and pop-art with today's electronic publishing technology, to create a unique feel and texture. New wave nostalgia, a peek into yesteryear, all made vivid with advanced .pdf techniques.

The right words may be difficult to find, but the Chess Advocate certainly isn't a "comic book" or "cartoon" - instead it reads more like a modern graphic novel. You get games with plenty of diagrams (no board needed), items of news and history, along with chess art and inserts at every turn. There are special numbers like the "Detective Edition," clippings and photos, tournament coverage, and more. Whatever its label, this new genre of chess magazine is sure to please!


The newest and eighth issue (Vol. 4, No. 2) sets the bar even higher. You get several annotated games, chess problems, a chess-themed crossword puzzle, links to even more games and events, along with illustrations and comics. Finally, there is a marvelous reprint of a "comic" or "graphic" article on Fischer's "Road to Iceland." All in all, Weaver continues to astonish with his new form of chess journalism. Enjoy!

Chess Advocate 8

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