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Chess Boards

Free Shipping in the USA on all Chess Boards

ChessCentral has a chess board to match every set of chess pieces we carry - and to fit every budget. From vinyl roll-up chess boards to folding chess boards to top quality wood chess boards of fine hardwood, we have it all. Note that when matching these chess boards to your chess pieces, the base size of the King ought to fit correctly on the chess board's square.

Nearly every set of pieces found here will recommend a square size for a matching board. But a good formula is to measure the base of the King and then add 1/2 inch to find the best chess board square size. For tournament play you will want to choose between a 2.25 inch square and a 2.375 inch square for your chess board; however, we have chess boards for smaller chess pieces and for larger chess pieces. If in doubt, email us at

The most common chess boards found in chess clubs and tournaments are vinyl chess boards. We carry the standard roll up chess boards, the folding chess board, and the mouse pad (thick) chess board. Our vinyl roll-up chess boards are the best type of board for chess clubs and individuals because vinyl boards are very durable and meet USCF chess tournament regulations. These boards also come in a wide variety of colors to suit your needs and wants.

Our wood chess boards come in various high quality wood types and sizes. We have grouped our boards by square size; if you have a table you wish a chess board to fit on, take the square size and multiply by 10 to get a rough estimate of the overall board size.