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  • Better Chess Now: 4  DVD Set

Better Chess Now: 4 DVD Set

Brand: Chess on DVD
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Better Chess Now: 20/20 Calculation
It's a common problem. You plunge into a maze of variations, lose your way, see your time disappearing, then choose the first move that comes into your head - a recipe for disaster! There's got to be a better way - and Danny King is here to let you into the secrets of 20:20 calculation, helping you to cut through the fog and home in on what's crucial. 70 minutes.

Better Chess Now: Attack with Confidence
We all enjoy an attack against the enemy king. However, at this moment a dangerous feeling of invincibility creeps over us. Here, Danny King helps you to build up an attack from a sound basis and spotlight the vital weaknesses around your opponent's King. 70 minutes.

Better Chess Now: Positional Inspiration
Does your mind go foggy when there is no clear method of attack? Do your games too often consist of a beginning, a "muddle" and an end? Then this is the video for you. A better understanding of positional chess will immediately improve your game, and bring you greater creative satisfaction. 75 minutes.

Better Chess Now: Endings - The Essentials

If there is one phase of the game which separates the professional from the amateur, it is the endgame. For the vast majority of players going into an ending is just casino chess - now you can load the odds in your favor! These are the essential endings you will actually reach in your own games, where Danny King's tips will make all the difference. 75 minutes.

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