Chess Programs & Analysis

Chess playing programs are favored by every serious chess player, and for good reason. These chess software engines play chess games at extremely high levels, and are capable of analyzing a chess position down to the bare truth. Sporting titles like Fritz, Shredder and Rybka, chess players can spar with them as blitz chess partners or use them to peer "Hubble-like" into the heart of a chess position. Chess playing software can read chess e-books and examine chess databases and so much more - no wonder these chess programs are found in every top player's tool kit. Here you'll find tips and advice for getting the most out of your chess playing program, along with examples of what chess software can "see" in a chess game.

What is Fritz Powerbook?
All of ChessBase's chess playing programs (Fritz, Rybka, Hiarcs, Shredder, Junior) come with their own opening books. So why would you need another one? Steve Lopez explains why you'd want a larger opening book for purposes of chess training, study, and improvement. Read more.

Rybka 4 In-Depth Analysis
The chess engine everybody's been talking about - Rybka - is now part of the Fritz "family" of playing programs. The ChessBase-distributed version of Rybka 4 comes in the familiar "wrapper" of the Fritz family (the ChessProgram12 GUI), so it shares the features of the Fritz interface, including playing and analysis modes. But Rybka possesses several twists all its own, and we'll be exploring these in this special series.