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  • How To Visualize Chess Combinations Download - Danny Kopec

How To Visualize Chess Combinations - Download


How To Visualize Chess Combinations - Download
IM Danny Kopec

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This video is aimed at aspiring chess players of all levels. Students will benefit from top-notch instruction by the internationally respected teacher and tactician - IM Danny Kopec. The presenter focuses on various kinds of mating patterns and combinations, including stock sacrifices, combinations to secure material gain, hanging pieces, and much, much more! Tactics are classified into a number of well-defined categories, including checks, pins, skewers, double-attacks, overloads, undermining, X-rays, etc. Finally, the presenter examines Bobby Fischer's "Game of the Century" and a fantastic game by Mikhail Tal!

Daniel Kopec (February 28, 1954 – June 12, 2016) was an American chess International Master, author, and computer science professor at Brooklyn College. He graduated from Dartmouth College in the class of 1975. Kopec later received a PhD in Machine Intelligence from the University of Edinburgh. With Ivan Bratko he was the creator of the "Bratko-Kopec" test used to evaluate the positional understanding of chess programs. 



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