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  • Improve Your Practical Play with GM Danny Gormally DVD

Improve Your Practical Play with GM Danny Gormally DVD

Brand: Ginger

Improve Your Practical Play

Improve Your Practical Play is Grandmaster Danny Gormally’s first chess DVD.

Aimed at club, congress and county players, this DVD provides a vital insight into how a Grandmaster thinks and the reasoning behind his choice of moves.

In this DVD, Danny provides useful guidance to players who are looking to improve their thinking during a game by analyzing the typical strategic plans from the opening until late in the middlegame.

Are you ready to go beyond the basics?

If the answer is a resounding "yes" then follow Danny as he explains the fundamental ideas and principles behind some of the most complex and challenging positions.

Format: DVD. Running Time: 6 hours.

Region 0 DVD:
Plays in all TV and computer DVD players
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