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  • Lasker's Manual of Chess Book

Lasker's Manual of Chess Book

Brand: Russell Enterprises

Lasker's Manual of Chess

This new edition takes Lasker's legendary classic and puts it in a form more congenial to 21st century readers. In this new edition figurine algebraic notation is used and thechapter on descriptive has been replaced with one explaining algebraic notation. Some of Lasker's more awkward or archaic wordings and grammar have been improved or modernized. Besides more diagrams, the main additional features here are:

  • Photos of Lasker and some of his major contemporaries.
  • "Lasker LoreåÓ - brief notes highlighting important events in his career, and portraying something of the man and his era.
  • Computer-checked analysis.
"Lasker's Manual of Chess is philosophical to its core. It helps you examine different kinds of problems in the most varied positions and it is exceptionally important, both for practical players and for trainers. Many times I have re-read, with great pleasure and great benefit to myself, those portions of the book dedicated to combinations, positional play (here we find accurately laid out the vital principles of the theory of Steinitz, which form the basis of contemporary chess), and chess aesthetics...
"Lasker was both a great fighter and a deep thinker. His book forms the quintessence of many years of exceptionally successful experience, and his thoughts on the same. It teaches you what he considers to be most important, general principles and methods applicable to any situation. Once you have read the Manual, you will become wiser, which is bound to help you later on, both in chess and in life." -From the Foreword by Mark Dvoretsky
"Lasker's explanations of Steinitz's theories is unsurpassed in its clarity, and his charmingly philosophical writing style makes this book a classic." -Steve Giddins, in The Chess Instructor 2009

Author: Emmanuel Lasker
Title: Lasker's Manual of Chess
Published: 2009
Pages: 277
Annotation: FAN
Suitable for novice and higher players

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