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  • Nimzovich Defense Ultimate CD

Nimzovich Defense Ultimate CD

Brand: ChessCentral

Nimzovich Defense Ultimate CD

Welcome to the Nimzovich Defense, and The Nimzovich Defense Ultimate CD! Now the fascinating world of 1.e4 Nc6 is captured on disk - a world beginning on the first move in which Black develops a piece, pressures the center, and reserves all options; in which he offers no concession, no target, and no weakness! Never before has it been possible to see "Nimzo's Other" in action, fully digitized and backed by today's computing power. Starting with exhaustive archival material from Hugh Myers, and continuing to the latest tournament game, this CD presents a complete and dynamic system for Black (not to mention must-see analysis for the 1.e4 player!). The catch-phrase after 1.e4 Nc6 is sound and reliable, so that players of any level will find a powerful weapon in the Nimzovich Defense. At last, a modern 1.e4 Nc6 database is here, making it possible to quickly master the basic ideas of this solid opening.

Here's what you get with The Nimzovich Defense Ultimate CD:

* The main database contains over 5,500 high-quality games. Countless games were carefully retrieved from long forgotten publications, and are simply available nowhere else.
* Over 650 annotated games. The list of commentators amounts to awho's who in chess - if anyone has ever analyzed a 1.e4 Nc6 game, it's probably here!
* An excellent Introduction by Hugh Myers, detailing the historical development of this opening. Newcomers to the Nimzovich Defense will enjoy the theoretical overview, with 18 hyperlinked games selected by Myers. There is even a photo of Aaron Nimzovich himself!
* Specialized opening keys are provided, with nearly 500 classification positions.
* 6 Opening Reports and 7 Surveys (including one by Carl Jaenisch from 1842!) offer a valuable guide to the structure of 1.e4 Nc6.
* A bonus database of over 5,200 Nimzovich Defense blitz games. These encounters are not to be taken lightly - the great majority feature players rated 2400-2500, plus super computers in the 2800-3000 range!
* A tree (.ctg) database (built from all 10,750 games) is included. While useful and interesting in its own right, this database can also be used by Fritz with unbelievable results!
* Also inside are .cbf (old ChessBase) and .pgn files.

Play to win from the very first move - order The Nimzovich Defense Ultimate CD today!

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