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Fritz 17 - 3D Boards with Ray Tracing

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With the arrival of the newest generation of video cards from Nvidia, Ray Tracing has now become a reality in real time. In a nutshell the idea is that it is able to calculate and show light reflections from surface to surface in all of the incredibly complex relationships such as sunlight bouncing off a wall, which gives a lighter light, filtered through humid air, and so on. ChessBase has now introduced this added layer of realism to its 3D boards, with full control over every aspect if such is your desire.

Fritz 17 and 3D raytracing screen

The menu will now offer the option between the CPU built ray traced boards and the new GPU acceleration.

Fritz 17 and 3D raytracing chess pieces and boards-1

The options are enormous and even include fancy optical effects such as background blurring.

Needless to say, if you do not have a graphics card that can handle this, or do not want it, the classic 3D boards are still there for your enjoyment.